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How's your health?

How will it be in the future?

 Despite the trillions of dollars in research and treatment, people are getting sicker today than just a few decades ago.

Scroll down and see why.

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According to the

CDC (Center of Disease Control)

over the past decade 

we have seen significant

increases in chronic illness 


141% increase in

deaths from Heart Disease

 (1990 - 2013)

145% increase in Asthma

(1996 - 2009)

150% increase in Inflammatory

Bowel Disease

(1999 - 2015)

4200% increase in Autism

(1990 - 2018)

250% increase in Epilepsy

(1990 - 2015)

150% increase in Diabetes

(1990 - 2010)

300% more births requiring

fertility treatments

(1996 - 2018)

783% more deaths

from Alzheimers

(1991 - 2015)

With the most advanced medicine and highest health-care cost in the world, what is causing this rising TIDE of disease?





Our modern lives are exposing our bodies to an ever increasing number of environmental and lifestyle concerns

 Experts estimate that we may be exposed to over 100 toxins before we make it from our bed to the kitchen. 

Inflammation is known as a "silent killer" that can negatively affect every system in our body

The overuse of antibiotics, genetically modified foods, herbicides, and pesticides have compromised our digestive health.

Poor gut health directly

impacts our immune system

and bodily defenses. 

Modern agriculture has created better looking, but less nutritious food. It's practically impossible to get all of the nutrients we need from what we eat.

At Bulavita, we put the

odds in your favor.

Our powerful products and

active lifestyle are designed

to help protect you from

the rising tide of

poor health. 

Fight the TIDE

Your body has FOUR CORE systems that create the foundation for vibrant, long term health.

Daily Detoxification

Every day, toxins  enter your body from pollution, pesticides, heavy metals, impurities, and chemicals found in almost every product we use (from food to personal care products).

Core Health assists your body in powerful daily detoxification

Your body does its best to rid itself from harmful toxins. However, the ever increasing accumulation of toxins we are exposed to may overwhelm your body's natural process to detoxify and heal. 

Supporting your body   Your body's primary method to fight toxins is with your liver and kidneys. These organs filter your blood and eliminate toxins and impurities. It is important to effectively support these detoxifying organs for overall health.

Daily elimination  -  Keeping your body clean and free of toxins can best be achieved by healthy, daily elimination. Combating toxins regularly helps keep your body healthy and in tip-top shape.

Supporting your body in the gentle elimination of harmful toxins and impurities is critical for life-long health. Toxic accumulation can not only leave you feeling tired, it may reduce natural healing and promote disease in the body. That is why Detoxification is one of your CORE FOUR.

Improved Digestion & Immunity

The strength of our immune system and body defenses are directly related to our gut health. The overuse of antibiotics, GMOs, herbicides, and pesticides can harm this essential system.

Core Health provides high impact support for digestive health

Nutrient Absorption - As food is broken down through the digestive tract, nutrients are absorbed into your body. These nutrients allow your body to repair and build cells, which the body does millions of times a day.

Immune Defense - Your stomach is also one of the first lines of defense for your body! Stomach acid works hard to kill bacteria and protect the body from infection.

Toxin Elimination - Your digestive system regularly removes sources of infection and other toxins from your body to help keep you healthy and fit.

When your digestive system is poor you miss much of the nutrients from your food or supplements. You also can feel sick, bloated, low energy, anxious, sad, or depressed. That is why Digestion is one of your CORE FOUR.

Reduced Inflammation

Inflammation is known as a "silent killer" that can affect every system in our bodies, lowering the quality and even shortening our lives. Excessive inflammation can slow your body's ability to heal.

Core Health helps fight inflammation throughout your body

The Mother of Disease - Prolonged inflammation interferes with the body’s ability to repair bone mass and may contribute to heart disease, cause rashes and eczema, and even lead to some autoimmune diseases. Harvard medical has even called inflammation the “common underlying cause of major degenerative diseases.”

Causes of Inflammation - Inflammation in the body can be triggered by infection, poor food choices, lack of sleep, muscle trauma, toxins and even stress.

Discomfort and Irritation - Inflammation often causes skin to develop redness or heat and become swollen or stiff. Excessive or recurring inflammation can be painful and dangerous.

Inflammation can occur in almost any part of the body, including the gut, lungs, gums (there’s a reason your dentist always tells you to floss), arms, legs, blood vessels, and even the brain. Reducing excessive inflammation is critical for healing and growth. That is why Inflammation is one of your CORE FOUR.

Essential Nutrition

Modern agriculture has created better looking, but less nutritious food. It's practically impossible to get all of the nutrients we need just from the food we eat.

Core Health provides you with a full spectrum of nutrition

For your body to complete all the tasks it has in a normal day, it must be given a wide and complex variety of vital nutrients. Becoming deficient in any one of these can interfere with your body’s metabolic processes and have have a negative impact to almost every aspect of your health.

A full spectrum of nutrition - Complete nutrition is the full spectrum of vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients your body needs every day. Minerals are necessary to utilize the vitamins you eat along with amino acids and many other key nutrients.

Mineral depletion - Many trace minerals are less available today due to poor and over-farmed soils. Modern diets also often fail to provide the breath of nutrition needed for healthy living.

Malnutrition and disease - Poor nutrition has been linked to many chronic diseases today. Current research is confirming the role vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other nutrients play for long term health.

Bio-availability - Not all vitamins and minerals are readily absorbable by your body. Both the source and manufacturing processes have a major impact on a nutrient's bio-availability to your body.

Giving your body the complete array of nutrients it needs is critical for good health. When these nutrients come from high-impact sources and with high bio-availably, your body can truly heal and thrive. That is why Nutrition is one of your CORE FOUR.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

It's time for Core Health

We've taken the best of today's high-tech ingredients and combined them with proven ancient health secrets creating the most comprehensive and convenient core health support system in the world.


Strengthens your body's ability to repair and rebuild itself.


Enriches your body with essential nutrients for long term health.


Increases your body's capacity for fitness and maximum energy. 

We combine our powerful Muscadine Boost supplement with high-impact Pink Fijian Ginger and Fijian Turmeric to help you detox the body, reduce inflammation, repair digestion, and pave the way for proper nutrient absorption. 

Now more than ever, we desperately need the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties found in Boost It Packs!

Choose the right 

Core Pack for You!

Each of our Boost It Packs includes the Trifecta of Health (Muscadine boost, Pink Fijian Ginger Boost, and Fijian Turmeric Boost).

Our Boost It GT Packs include additional nutritional support in the form of the best essential fatty acids and high impact vitamin/mineral supplement. 

Boost It Essentials Pack

Muscadine Grape

Pink Fijian Ginger

Fijian Turmeric

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Muscadine Grape

Pink Fijian Ginger

Fijian Turmeric 

Daily Detox with Sport & Go

Boost It GT Essentials Pack

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Pink Fijian Ginger

Fijian Turmeric

Multi Essentials & EFA RED

Boost It GT Core Pack

Muscadine Grape

Pink Fijian Ginger

Fijian Turmeric 

Multi Essentials & EFA RED

Daily Detox with Sport & Go

The Core Health Challenge

Don't settle for poor energy or wait for chronic disease. Our 90-day Challenge combines Boost It Core Health packs with a healthy lifestyle and the results are phenomenal! Join individually or as a team.

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Ive not been sick, or fallen asleep at my desk, in over three years!  –Tina M.

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