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Can you really lose weight and get healthy on keto...EATING FAT?

Many people on the keto diet report dramatic weight loss and better health while enjoying delicious food (like bacon and eggs).

Eat fat, lose weight, and feel great...all with no deprivation and no fatigue. Sound too good to be true?

Scroll down to get
the real story on keto...

Should you 

say yes to fat?

You’ve probably been taught to
avoid fatty foods for most of your life. If you want to be healthy, and trim, you should stay away from fat, right?

But what if fat was actually the secret weapon for dramatic weight loss and and outstanding health? That is exactly what the ketogenic diet, or keto, seems to promise. But how? Is it safe? And can it really work for you?

"It's one of the best gifts you can give yourself and your loved ones."

Melissa Farfan, over 42 lbs lost

“I am no longer considered to be pre- diabetic and I feel amazing.”

Mindi Ogden, over 100 lbs lost

“This program not only changed my life but it saved my life! I love who I am now.”

Raymond Goico, over 115 lbs lost

"My husband and I have had such tremendous results. We have lost over 80 pounds of fat combined by following the keto diet and using the BulaFIT system!"

Jennifer Winder, over 57 lbs lost

“I feel cleaner, stronger, and healthier as I go on this keto journey! I love being a fat burning machine!”

Marilyn Lamer, over 54 lbs lost

"I incorporated a change in diet by removing rice, potatoes, pasta, bread and sugar from my diet. One decision gave me a different life."

Glenda McDougal, over 90 lbs lost

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Typical weight loss is 1-2 pounds per week, results may vary. No individual result should be seen as typical.

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facts you need know about keto...

What is keto?

Keto is a high-fat, medium protein, low-carb eating plan that helps your body achieve ketosis.

Put simply, the ketogenic diet, or “keto”, is a high-fat, medium protein, and low-carb eating plan. It helps to eliminate your body’s dependency on sugar and accesses the body’s natural ability to burn fat for energy  (called ketosis).

To achieve Ketosis, you need a diet with about 75% of your calories from fat. A keto eating plan includes approximately 75% of calories from fat, 20% from proteins and 5% from carbohydrates.

How does keto work?

Ketosis is a natural state where your body burns fat as its primary source of energy.

When the you eliminate most of the sugar and carbohydrates you consume, and significantly increase the amount of healthy fat you eat, your body starts a process known as ketosis. It begins with breaking down stored fat to create ketones, which are then used as a source of high- quality energy for both the body and brain.

A - Carb Zone  Sugar is burned as the primary source of fuel. Energy is high, but sugar depletes quickly causing sharp decreases in energy and cravings for more carbs.

B - Keto Transition  Possible drop in energy as your body tries using protein for energy. If protein consumption is kept low to moderate, the body continues to look for a good source of fuel.

C - Keto Zone  The body becomes optimized to burn fat by making ketones to power muscles and the brain. Energy is high and constant. High healthy fat, medium protein, and low carb (the Ketogenic diet) must be maintained to continue in ketosis.

Many people in ketosis report feeling fantastic and more focused. Increasing their intake of healthy fats also helps regulate their appetite so they don’t feel starved, which can lead to even better health and fat loss.

How do you switch your body to fat burning mode?

To receive all of the benefits of keto, you must eat and live keto correctly.

Several studies show how keto can offer better results for wellness and weight loss than other diets, even low-calorie or high-protein diets. Keto is also known to help improve many chronic health problems.

To receive all of the benefits of keto, you must eat and live keto correctly. Piecing together a program from the many keto websites and companies is time-consuming, frustrating, and often leads to discouragement.

However, the keto benefits of dramatically improved health, great energy, and rapid weight loss can be achieved without the frustration with the right support system.

Sounds good right?
But watch out for these...

Keto Myths

Myth #1


"Keto is a new fad diet."

The keto diet has been used for over 100 years for various health  benefits and is supported by many years of research.

Myth #2


“You can eat anything on keto.”

You must choose to eat healthy fats instead of carbohydrates. Keto health benefits and weight loss occurs by making healthy fats the major portion of what you eat.

Myth #3


“Drinking ketones has the same benefits as living a keto lifestyle.”

Some products allow you to drink ketones (called exogenous ketones or BHB salts) which provide energy. However, full ketosis only occurs when your body creates its own ketones from stored fat and when you’re enjoying a full keto lifestyle.

Myth #4


“Everyone goes through the keto flu.”

Low energy or flu-like symptoms may occur for a few days during the transition into ketosis. However, everybody experiences the transition differently. Today, products are available to ease and accelerate this transition.

Myth #5


“Keto causes loss in muscle mass.”

Ketosis provides the body with energy for muscles without breaking down protein. Many professional body builders and athletes live keto and report gains in energy and muscle mass.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

So, what's is the

truth about keto?

Here's what the doctors say

Ketosis is a natural state where your body burns fat as its primary source of energy (instead of  carbohydrates or sugar).

Is keto safe?

The keto lifestyle is not only safe, but recommended for health by many medical professionals. Low-carb, high-fat diets (like keto) have been shown to support many long-term health benefits like lower blood sugar, improved cholesterol numbers, better mental focus, steady energy, and a lower body fat percentage.

What do doctors say about keto?

Healthcare practitioners have been using keto for almost 100 years. With all the new keto research available today, many doctors are prescribing keto to help aid in chronic health issues as well as weight loss.

There is one big

problem with keto

you need to know...

The problem

with Keto

High-fat keto diets can be  DIFFICULT to do. In fact, many people fail.

It appears that keto’s many benefits make it the superior eating plan. However, the biggest concern is whether it is realistic for people to swap their sugar-filled eating habits with eating healthy fat.

 It can be overwhelming at first to maintain the low- carb and high-fat ratios necessary to keep the body in ketosis:

75% from fat

5% from carbs

20% from protein

Beware of

 Keto fraud

And many 'keto' labeled foods are not actually keto friendly. They're  just high protein products that have been re-labeled as keto. 

Check the macros, if the percentages aren't right, it's NOT keto!

Without simple and convenient ways to eat keto and effective aids for transition and maintenance, many people fail. Many keto-marketed products and programs are misleading and do not actually help with long term ketosis.

Most of the places we eat just don't support this kind of lifestyle, neither do most of the the products purchase.

However, there is a way to
bypass these problems
and make keto work for you.

It's called...

It makes Keto Easy!

Adopting the keto lifestyle is easy with BulaFIT.  We’ve combined the most powerful
health trends (like keto, intermittent fasting, and zone progression training) to create
an integrated system that will give you great results as quickly as possible.



Way to

Switch to

Fat Burning

Ketosis is


For many people, the scale starts to drop within the first week. You’ll be even more excited when your clothes start to feel loose, when you begin to feel more energized, and when your doctor asks you what you have been doing to make such fabulous progress!

Changing your diet and making great meal choices is easy with BulaFIT. The program includes everything you need to transform your health and life!

Let's introduce you to


Keto Superstars...

Keto FUEL™ 

Keto FUEL is a meal replacement shake with perfect keto ratios. It has a delicious creamy flavor that seems more like a dessert than something healthy.

Drinking Keto FUEL daily helps boost your body’s ability to get into and maintain fat-burning ketosis! It's the perfect keto meal that’s ready to go.

Many people find that Keto FUEL is the best solution for a simple keto breakfast and lunch!

"It tastes just like ice-cream, I can't believe something this good is actually keto friendly!"  - Mike C.

"This tastes amazing! I look forward to drinking it all the time."  - Patti G.

My kids love KetoFUEL. They are always asking if they can have more 'keto'.  - Brytt C


These beauties help increase your energy, help boost your fat burning, and help you avoid cravings for sugar and hunger!

The capsules are a powerful combination of herbs and extracts that help increase your metabolism and ease the transition into ketosis.

BURN capsules truly are amazing!

"I love the long lasting energy without jitters. I also love not having cravings and not feeling hungry!" - Michele O.

"This is the by far the best keto energy and metabolic booster I've had." - Owen M.

"I love how simple it is, with Burn and Fuel, keto is no longer difficult." - Kristy K.

Keto FIZZ™

KetoFIZZ helps to accelerate your transition into ketosis by giving your body exogenous ketones. 

Each serving helps provide increased energy, heightened focus and better performance. KetoFIZZ also has nutrients from 30 organic fruits and vegetables along with a fizzy taste you’ll love.

Our proprietary blend ketone salts is formulated to support your ketogenic lifestyle and help you operate at your peak performance. Use KetoFIZZ as a pre-workout drink to power through workouts with extra energy and electrolytes.

Chocolate Protein Fuel Booster™

Enjoy the high antioxidant value of natural cacao and organic blueberries with the powerful benefits of protein. 

Protein Fuel Booster contains nourishing bone broth and pea protein, both being exceptional sources of amino acids, including branched-chain acids, to support your body’s ability to repair, build and maintain muscle tissue.

Add it to your KetoFUEL and enjoy a rich, chocolate beverage you'll love. It will also  help keep your body in ketosis and as a source of key nutrients like glucosamine, collagen and minerals to support healthy joints, good digestion, and skin health.

The Make It Keto Cookbook

by Jennifer Winder

Cooking keto doesn’t have to be intimidating and Jennifer Winder makes it easy with her cookbook.

Make It Keto includes Jennifer's most popular recipes including delicious easy-to-make meals, sides, appetizers, deserts, and snacks

Each recipe shows a breakdown of its ketogenic nutrition facts including net carbs. Make It Keto has over 150 pages of recipes so you'll always have an idea of what's for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

You’ve got to eat, so be sure to make it keto!

Additional tools and resources to help make it easy to go Keto!

Don't worry, you've got everything you need to be successful. BulaFIT also includes a 3-in-1 Planner including a Getting Started with Keto Guide and daily success planner

You also have access to KetoFUEL blender bottles, workout hydration bottles, workout resources and more!

If you really want to transform your health...

Join the BulaFIT Challenge

If you are really  ready to become healthy, lose fat, and get fit, then you should seriously consider joining our next BulaFIT Challenge.

We've helped helped thousands of people just like you actually achieve their health and fitness goals.  The BulaFIT Challenge is a 60 or 90-day program led by coaches Owen McKibbin and Kristy Kaminski.

You'll experience expert coaching as you participate in a motivating community, receive fun recognition, and
transform your life!

Patricia Rudibaugh  |  51 lbs lost

It was great!! Once the Stay At Home orders and

Deb Westphal  |  39.2 lbs lost

I would sit on the couch watching diet/exercise infomercials while

Tammy Garcia  |  65 lbs lost

2020 BulaFIT New Year Challenge Champion Contestants 2 Everything is

Sam Golubic  |  35 lbs lost

Love it! Love team transformation. I have been able to

Rick Smith  |  138 lbs lost

I have lost over 100 lbs using bulafit system. I

Annie Williams  |  40 lbs lost

I have been using the BulaFIT system since it came

Renee Brown  |  23 lbs lost

I enjoyed the Accountability and motivation to workout and eat

Marilyn Lamer  |  52 lbs lost

I love that I’ve been on the BulaFIT program for

Jennifer Winder  |  80 lbs lost

My husband and I have had such tremendous results. We

Mindi Ogden  |  100 lbs lost

The BulaFIT program is the only bulletproof program that I

Raymond Goico  |  115 lbs lost

The BulaFIT system helped me take my life back and

Holly Sturgon  |  87 lbs lost

The BulaFIT program made keto so easy! The inches and

* Typical weight loss is 1-2 pounds per week. Please note that the causes for being overweight vary from person to person due to genetics, environmental factors, food intake, metabolism and differing levels of exercise. Because of this, results from the BulaFIT Program may vary. No individual result should be seen as typical.

The experiences mentioned are from Independent Ambassadors who have personally used the BulaFIT Program and products. Ambassadors may receive compensation from Wakaya Perfection for sharing and promoting its products and services.

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