Renee Brown

 March 19, 2020

By  bryttc

I enjoyed the Accountability and motivation to workout and eat right. The support from Kristy and Owen was great! Hearing the testimonies on the Bulafit calls were so exciting and really motivate you to reach out to more people to help.

My experience with this Bulafit challenge was great! I really found out quite a bit about myself and working out. Accountability is a must for me to stay motivated and I absolutely love live group fitness workouts. The like minded people that are around me and working out simply adds to my motivation to keep up with the workouts.

I have always been one to make excuses about not having time to workout. That is a thing of the past now. I know the importance of getting your fitness in on a regular.

I have a goal to reach before my 50th Birthday in about 6 months so I will definitely continue the course and the next challenge! When you have a made up mind about improving your health and fitness there will never be an excuse or a reason that will stop you from excelling with our Bulafit program. Transformations will be inevitable!


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