Patricia Rudibaugh

May 25, 2020

It was great!! Once the Stay At Home orders and gyms closed, made it more challenging since I work in healthcare and had to devote time at home to workout. Going to gym, you are committed.

Not being able to get up immediately due to plantar fasciitis, I wanted to stay sitting or laying. After started Joint and Bone/Muscle Formula’s, the pain went away! Being able to move more and also starting Keto Lifestyle, I saw the weight literally melt off! In disbelief on how wonderful the GT Core, fuel and so many of our other products are, my husband tried proving me wrong….the joke was on him! Living the Keto Lifestyle has given me my life back!! I feel young again and so full of energy! I can’t thank BulaVita, Transformation Teams and especially Coach Owen and Koach Kristy!!

Life is too short to be miserable! You own your life!! Take it back!


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