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Next MFINITY Boost Experience June 19th in North Carolina

March 1, 2021

Join us in June for the next MFINITY Boost Experience in Advance, North Carolina!

This is your opportunity to see the vineyard as the Muscadine begin to form. You’ll also tour our state-of-the-art processing facility and learn first-hand from experts. Discover why this super-fruit is truly the world’s best antioxidant and how to increase your check by helping us take Muscadine to the world.

Registration includes: Tour of vineyard and manufacturing facility, training sessions from experts, and lunch.

Remember, we are limited on how many we can have at the event. So order your ticket via your back office store while seats are still available!

If you had previously purchased a registration for our postponed December MFINITY Boost Experience, then a $50 credit has been added to your account in the form of a event coupon. Be sure to use this coupon by March 31st to register for this June event. Please note that the coupon will expire the end of March.

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