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January Top Bula Pro Marketers

February 17, 2021

Congratulations out our January Top Bula App Pro Marketers! These Ambassadors are using the Bula Pro App to take their business to new heights.

Did you know that tools shared via the Bula Pro App have a 75% view rate! And with new tools being added every week, this App is not only your business partner, it’s your best friend too!

January Top Bula Pro Marketers

2 Cathy Gilbert
3 Antonio Phillips MD
4 Leroy Windfield
5 Michael Hall
6 Renee Brown
7 Dr. Samantha Davis
8 Tameka Nichole
9 Terrence and Terrence Dickenson
10 Flori Robles
11 Michael Green
12 Coyan Lewis
13 Roslyn Collins
14 Annie Grice
15 Demetria Coleman
16 Kevin Peck
17 Denise C. Ruffin
18 Dori Miesse
19 Phil and Florine McCandless
20 Timothy Jacobs Jr

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