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Fill Your Team, get a chance for your team to SPIN!

January 1, 2021

Are you part of a team in the 2021 BulaFIT MFINITY Challenge? Help to fill it with team members (up to 8) and you’re entire team could get the chance to spin on our Team Prize Wheel!

Here’s how it works

Teams with at least 4 team members will receive a 25% discount on their BulaFIT MFINITY Challenge Sport Shirt (details coming soon). FULL Teams with 8 team members will receive a 50% discount!

Teams also receive an entry into a drawing to spin the Team Prize Wheel on the Challenge Kick Off BulaFIT LIVE on January 22nd.

  • Teams half full with 4 team members receive 1 entry
  • FULL Teams of 8 receive 3 entries
  • Receive an EXTRA entry for every NEW* team member

Here are some of the prizes that you could win:

  • Team T Shirts (customized with your team name!)
  • Team Duffel Bags (customized with your team name!)
  • Team Coaching Session with Owen McKibbin
  • Team Coaching Session with Kristy Kaminski
  • Team Coaching Session with Blake Graham
  • Team Coaching Session with Jennifer Winder

*Promotion Details:

Team members (other than the Captain) may only be participants in one team. Team members must be fully Registered in the Challenge and purchase MFINITY, Core Health, and/or BulaFIT Products according to the Challenge Rules to qualify for prizes.

New Team Members are defined as newly enrolled Customers or Ambassadors (as of Dec 2020) who have not participated in the BulaFIT Challenge before. Team prize drawing will take place on January 22nd BulaFIT Live event.

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