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December Rank Advancements

January 20, 2021

Congratulations to our December Pacesetters!

New Ambassadors can start their Bulavita businesses strong by achieving each step of Pacesetter. They earn up to $750 in bonuses in addition to our best-in-industry compensation plan!

Plus, they also receive ongoing Pacesetter bonuses of up to $250 every time a new team member achieves a Pacesetter level!

December 2021 Rank Advancements

New Ruby Ambassadors
Leroy Windfield
Cathy Gilbert

New Sapphire Ambassadors
Ronanda Liberty
Florinelby Robles
LSKW Enterprises LLC
Michael Hall

New Jade Ambassadors
Patricia Creviston
Pamela Dickenson
Sherriek Walker
Mettie King

New Coral Ambassadors
Rosanne Lambright
Annlouise Harris
Marilyn Mick
Keith Sanford

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