March 17


COVID-19 and Bulavita

By bryttc

Announcements, Announcements

We are as taken back by the happenings of the past several weeks and months as you are, and these are indeed unprecedented times – but Bulavita is made of an unprecedented group of people!  Even though the COVID-19 outbreak and globally declared pandemic has many people questioning their own sense of health and wellbeing, we certainly share your resolve in coming through these days of uncertainty with a renewed sense of self, and an even stronger desire to answer or calling? .  But that doesn’t mean that we’re not working hard right now to ensure that our people and processes do not add to the spread of this aggressive contagion.
First of all, rest assured that Bulavita is in full operation.  Orders are being processed as usual, and shipments leave our warehouse facilities on a daily basis.

Here are the extra steps that we are taking to ensure that we as the Bulavita Nation do our part to quell unintended transmission of this or any other virus.

  • We have taken extra measures in all areas of manufacturing and fulfillment to make sure that the only thing you receive in your shipment is what you ordered, nothing more.  All warehousing staff use sterile gloves in the preparation of shipments.  Any sign of sickness or fatigue results in the employee being sent home to self-quarantine as per the Federally established time frame.
  • Employees are to maintain greater physical distance between them as per the recommended 6-feet of separation rule.
  • All packaging and handling facilities are cleaned thoroughly at the end of each shift with approved anti-viral cleaners.
These extra efforts will delay shipments by only a few hours, or up to 1 day at the most, but are necessary to ensure that we are contributing to the solution and not the problem we are all facing.
  • We are cancelling any currently scheduled “in-person” Sound the Alarm Tour” events, opting instead for virtual events.  We are currently working on pre-launch follow-up events via Webinar (Zoom) and Social Media Live Stream so that your businesses can continue to grow uninhibited.  Please watch for a published schedule to be posted to the Bulavita blog page ( for events starting this weekend (March 21st).
  • We anticipate and expect that our Field Leaders will follow suit and adhere to our Nations “social distancing” policy and use the technology at hand to continue building business with the safety of our friends, family, and communities firmly in mind

Challenges like this can seem daunting, but rest assured that you, your teams and your customers can continue to expect the very best from us. YOU are our “big enough reason why” and we promise to do our best to continue earning your faith and trust.  Experiences like this tear some people apart as some only grow stronger.  With your help and understanding, we will continue to grow stronger, together.

Thank you again for your continued faith, trust, and support,
Todd & Bill

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